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"You guys brought us the
right story!"

PAULA APSELL, Executive Producer, WGBH

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Mont Blanc
Descent into the Ice


HDTV, 52/44 min (in four-part series)

Producers, TV channels

SCHWENK FILM with Gedeon for ARD (Germany), NHK (Japan), WGBH/NOVA (USA), FRANCE 5/Gedeon (France), Channel 5 (UK)

Awards, Festivals, Funding

Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival (Nature and Environment Award),
Toulon, Festival International du Film d'Environnement (Prix des Collèges du Conseil Général),
Graz, Mountain Film Festival (Jury Selection),
Castellana Grotte Rassegna Internazionale (special presentation).
Funding: MFG South-West German Film Fund (Script)


Legendary mountains, expeditions, science +++ The greatest disaster in the history of the Alps +++ Spectacular diving project in a glacier +++ Computer generated images of glacier formation +++ Crane shots in the Alps +++ A year of real glacier movement in time-lapse, on and under the glacier.

What´s special

A film from Germany for the world market – a resounding success in different
TV cultures.
A successful synthesis of film drama, scientific substance and visual brilliance.
A fully international production, set in: Mont Blanc (shooting), Stuttgart (script, executive producer), Paris (co-producer), Boston (directing, cut), Berlin (music), Tokyo/Stuttgart (post-production), the world (distribution).

Script Hartmut Schwenk and Rolf Schlenker
Director Liesl Clark
Executive Producers Hartmut Schwenk, Stéphane Millière

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