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Messner's Alps

Documentary with Reinhold Messner, 3x52/45 min., international co-production, HDTV, SCHWENK FILM with SWR, France 5, Wega Film, SF-DRS, YLE, Planet TV, RTV Slovenija and others 2005/6

Mankell's Africa

Documentary, 16 mm, 60 min., SCHWENK FILM with SWR, South-West German Film Fund, Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, 2004/5

ARD-Buffet short film series

including: 'Alissa', 1111 episodes; 'What matters to me', celebrity portrait-interviews, ARD 1998-2005

Mont Blanc - Descent into the Ice

Documentary, international co-production, HDTV, 52/45/30 min., NHK, WGBH, France 5, Gedeon, Channel 5, SWR/ARD, 2001-2004

New Cities out of Ruins - The Reconstruction of Germany

Documentary, 60 min., SWR, SR, RBB, 2003/4

The Melancholy Player - Peter Handke

90/75/60/30 min., SCHWENK FILM with ARTE, SWR, 3Sat, ORF, SF-DRS, 2002/2003

Gene Hunters - The Quest for the Human Gene

Science documentary, international coproduction, 30 min., SWR, ARTE, Discovery, GEO TV, 2000

EXPO 2000 - Global Projects

Documentary on urban development, Weimar/Jena, 60 min., SCHWENK FILM, SWR, 1999/2000

GEO TV: The Soul of Light - New Insights in Psychology and Physics

Science documentary, 45 min., SWR, ARTE, GEO TV, 1999

European Election

TV Spots with Sir Peter Ustinov, Armin Mueller-Stahl and others, 35 mm, 400 x in ZDF, ARD III, RTL, Sat 1 and many others, 1994/1999

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