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Scarcity value: quality films for quality companies.

As producers of major TV documentaries and other TV programmes we have
an international reputation. We also produce distinctive, effective corporate films.

Our films convey substance and facts, arouse emotions, transcend economic and cultural boundaries – and mould the image of a company.

SCHWENK FILM has extensive experience in all major media, in journalism and communication, in research and technology, in cultural and social issues.


Topics, media, countries. And above all, we stay with it! It’s a question of craftsmanship, attention to detail… and reliability.


What you don’t often get in corporate films are good lines: well researched and well formulated, to complement the pictures. We take language and narration just as seriously as the images. Our experience in print also has its origins in leading media (including GEO, ZEIT, and FAZ magazines). And in speeches, annual reports and publications for major companies and institutions.


The same applies to music – which is why we avoid the mindless and the canned.


We can count. We can work economically and manage budgets. And we offer qualities that money can’t buy.


Our productions for industry are in broadcast quality and many of them are actually shown on TV. We are familiar with, and develop, TV formats to the standards of the major channels (magazine programmes, talkshows, news magazines).


We work regionally, nationally and internationally – and communicate with cultural and linguistic skills.


What we’re not “capable” of being: boring, embarrassing, dull.


of all communication is audiovisual, but often it misses its target. Our films are individual and professional alternatives.


Effects that make sense and are meaningful: 2D/3D computer-animated images, film shot from helicopters and cranes, time-lapse, cinema effects.
And with a sense of what is appropriate and really communicative.


Films for all the senses – emotion, atmosphere, wit.
Teamwork with dedication and enthusiasm.


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