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"Highlights of German-language film-making"
Max Ophüls Preis - SPECTRUM

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Mankell’s Africa
In search of Stories


16 mm film, 60 minutes

Producers, TV channels

SCHWENK FILM, SWR, Baden-Württemberg Film Academy

World distribution

Value Film

Festivals, Funding

Max Ophüls Preis (SPECTRUM) and others
Forum Film & TV, Frankfurt Book Fair
Funding: MFG South-West German Film Fund
SWR Young Documentary


Swedish writer Henning Mankell and people in Maputo (Mozambique), his second home: a garbage collector, a medicine-man, street children, bakers, musicians, actors

What's special

An impressive, atmospheric, captivating film
The unknown face of Europe’s most successful writer
After a year of waiting for Mankell in vain, a personal portrait and a film about inspiration and commitment.

Written and directed by David Spaeth
Produced by Hartmut Schwenk and Joachim Knaf

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