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"I’m delighted in all respects...
clever, wonderful – it is all just a pleasure to watch."

PROF. SIDNEY PERKOWITZ, physicist and science writer

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To Selected Films

The Soul of Light
New insights in psychology and physics


45 min. (in a four-part series)

Producers, TV channels

SCHWENK FILM for SWR, ARTE, GEO TV Gruner und Jahr


The nature of light – fundamentals and latest discoveries
The deceleration of light to cycling speed – basis for new data storage methods


Atlanta, Emory University
Boston, Harvard University, Rowland Institute
Long Island, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Vienna University

What's special

The simplest and the most difficult – Sidney Perkowitz, Professor of Physics in Atlanta, USA, presents it clearly, excitingly and wittily
The renowned physicist and science author (Empire of Light) was delighted with the result of his collaboration with film-makers

Written and directed by Dietrich Krauß
Producer Hartmut Schwenk

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