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"Social commitment is a seed that grows out of the asphalt covering of everyday life"
PETER MAFFAY in "What matters to me"

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What matters to me
TV magazine ARD-Buffet


Celebrity portrait-interviews for the “ARD-Buffet” magazine on German
Channel 1 TV (and other film series)

Producer, TV channels



Pop singer Peter Maffay on his children’s home and prayer
Actor Walter Sittler on films and families
Talkshow host Maybritt Illner on her TV show Berlin Mitte and the rest of the world
Conductor Helmuth Rilling on music as the meaning of life
Football player Cacau on God and football
Singer Konstantin Wecker on chansons, love and movement
Pop group Normal Generation on faith and dance music
Opera general manager Klaus Zehelein on opera as a passion
Governing Mayor Henning Scherf on politics, people and visions
Health Food industrialist Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth on respect for Nature
Singer and actor Dominique Horwitz on himself and art

What´s special

Complete surprise: philosophical issues on lunchtime TV – between recipes and tax tips. Unknown sides of well-known people. Thoughtful, honest and surprising character sketches

Written and directed by Hartmut Schwenk, Ingrun Finke, Christopher Paul, David Spaeth
Produced by Hartmut Schwenk

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